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Best Android Apps May 2017

Best Android Apps May 2017. We have reached June and we thought it is the best time to compile some of the best Android apps from Play Store during the month.

1. No Stick Shooter
This is a modern take on a classic arcade shooter. It is quite simple, all you have to do is fire weapons at oncoming hordes of enemies. There is some strategies involved and plenty of weapons to choose from and over 30 levels of non-stop mayhem. Notifications reminder take advantage of Android's swipe down. What this app allows you to do is create reminder that you can access from a notifications.

2. Stash
Stash for Reddit is a must have for the Reddit junkies out there where you are on your Wifi connection the app will download videos, gifs, images, from you favorite SubReddit. So you can browse through your favourite Sub Reddits without using any mobile data. The app will actually sync when you asleep or at work. When you dont have your mobile data, you will still see the latest posts.

3. Autoset 


We are sorry to report you that Youtube's favorite couple is splitting up! Alli and Charles Trippy, creators of The Internet Killed Television series have been posting a video every single day for nearly five years, and have decided to separate.

The announce comes to the day 1,804 of the series, and as expected fans are upset. Of course not all the comments are positive and Alli Trippy is already defending her self against speculations that the splitting is due to Charles's continuing cancer treatment.  

Alli tweeted, "It has nothing to do with his health, and I will continue to support hm in his fight." Charles also took to Twitter to thanks his fans of support. He tweeted, "We love you all and thank you fr the love and support for both of us. I should only expect everyone treating Alli will respect she deserves." 

Seriously I've been watching these two for couple years, and never thought this could happen. Their split must be one the worst things that ever happened to the internet. I hope people in the comment will not create Team Alli or Team Charles. Because this is their life. It's their choice. 



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