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iOS 11: Beta 6 Changes

iOS 11: Beta 6 Changes. Let's take a look at what's new with the latest 6 Beta of iOS 11 and as always we get yet more visual changes.

One of the is the new Maps icon which reflect the new location of the Apple Park Campus. We actually get a Maps icon that's been updated for that location.

App Store icon

We also get a new App Store icon so this is second iteration within the iOS 11 Beta, which means they keep changing even though things they have been changing already. But this time around it's much more abstracted although it still looks like stylized 'A', it no longer incorporates the tools of the previous design. In fact, it kind of look like a pile of pop sickle sticks.

Reminders App

Apple also fixed the Reminders App icon so the bullet points read from the left to the right rather than reverse.


Another icon that gets a visual tweak is the Clock icon which gets bolder and bolder numbers but that's pretty much the theme of iOS 11. Much more contras…

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