VIDEO: Justin Bieber CRASHES Fan's Street Performance!

Justin Bieber CRASHES Street Performance new jersey

VIDEO: Justin Bieber CRASHES Fan's Street Performance. Bieber must be feeling nostalgic about his days as a street performer because he crashed a street performer and stayed for the whole thing. he supported a young girl named Ava Otterbein, while she was singing on the street corner.

We all know how Bieber got his start, performing on the street in Canada with his guitar and his golden little vocal. He was adorable and overnight became Hollywood music sensation. So, what about all those young and hungry performers trying to make it big? hey may all not get the big break on the street. But if Justin Bieber just happens to roll around and hang for a minute?

One lucky New Jersey girl got the surprise of her life last week. The young girl was performing and Bieber ended up hijacking her microphone and say hye to the crowd. He then asked the crowd..

"Hey, how's you day going? Are you guys doing good?

He was the hype man for this little girl's street session. Finally Bieber let the girl take it away and she sang perfectly.

Full video is down here, straight from Ava Otterbein's channel.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber CRASHES Fan's Street Performance!  

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